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Vintup is the number one marketplace in the UK dedicated to vintage and upcycled furniture with items from highly talented artists across the country. You can find your unique piece of furniture and have it delivered to your door.

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Why Buy Vintage and Upcycled Furniture?

Vintage and upcycled furniture for sale is so important and the number reason to buy vintage or upcycled furniture would be that is much better for the environment, we throw way too much furniture into landfill every day in the UK, by buying something older, you are keeping the upcycle industry in business and ultimately saving a lot of older pieces from the landfill. Not to mention that this will also mean a reduction in the production and importing of newer furniture, much of which could be contributing to deforestation. There has never been a more important time to change your spending habits.

There are other benefits too, vintage furniture has been around a long time because it was well made, it is very likely to last a lot longer than the basic furniture available at similar prices. You are also getting something very unique, just spend a little time browsing the furniture on this site and you'll see for yourself, there are extremely talented artists creating wonderful pieces of work that would create a wow-factor in any home or interior setting.

Who Are the Sellers on Vintup?

There are registered sellers from across the UK on Vintup, some are dedicated to upcycling and others are more interested in restoring vintage, retro and antique items, you can find all their work by searching for specific items or just by the area that you live in. It is worth noting that almost everything lsited on the site could be delivered to your door by the recommend delivery company; Stones Removals.

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